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Mike Eden was a journey man, playing with four clubs during his career between 1981 and 1989.  Mike started with Manly in 1981 and moved to the Roosters in 1983 then Parramatta in 1985 and finally ended up with the Gold Coast GIants in their maiden year in 1988.

Heroes of Yesterday, Interview 14 - 24 June 2016 - Mike Eden

Where did you grow up?

Lived in Rockdale until 8 years old then Allambie Heights(Manly)

What was your first football experience?

Watching Uncle Harry Eden play for Roosters 1966- Era of Junee, Mayes, Quayle Reilly Larpa Stewart etc Coached by Jack Gibson

As a child what was your most memorable experience of rugby league ?

1971 semi final series and GF- Grand Final Day St George lost in all 3 grades- Harry played in first Grade

Did you collect footy cards as a kid ?

No but had lots autographed – not really a collection

Who were your footballing heroes as a kid ?

Harry Eden, Graeme Langland Billy Smith. 

Your first time in the top grade?

Went on as a replacement and kicked a goal against Newtown. Funny it doesn’t show on my record. First game picked in First Grade V Canberra in 82 Losing at half time “Arko” cleared the dressing room and said we would walk home if we lost- we won thankfully

Greatest memories of playing rugby league?

1982 and 1986 Grand Finals, even though I didn't get a run on, it was great to be part of the squads and the Rothmans Medal as well.

Who was your most respected rival?

Wally Lewis and Peter Sterling

Who was the best team you played against?

1984 Combines Brisbane side in the Panasonic Cup

What followed after football?

Legal career ups and downs- 4 sons- three grown up 2 grand kids lots of charity work for Autism and water boy duties for Group 9 team Albury Thunder

How has the game changed since your playing days?

Like all subsequent era’s the fitness, size and skill levels have increased

Did you keep a scrap book?

No- have some paper clippings from soccer days in Rockdale and som RLW clippings – not much

Did you collect your own footy cards?


favourite restaurant

Barefoot – Whistler St Manly & Hogo’s Manly Wharf